occupied or preoccupied??

It’s been a while since I posted. In fact, this is the longest I’ve gone without posting since I decided to start a blog. I apologize.

I arrived home on October 19th.  It was good to be with family and be able to relax and start looking towards the wedding, but I’ll be honest, I cried every time I even thought about Eden, Ali Rose, and Mandie still being in Africa. Forget blog posting…my mom would have had to mop me up off the floor.

Then, November 9th was a big day! Eden and Ali Rose went to court in our small town, despite lots of advice to wait and go in the capital.  And with the Lord on our side, they were given legal guardianship! I thought then, that I’d post when the babies were granted visas.

And while I waited for that, I could have posted about their lives and what was going on there and my life and what was going on here, but I’ll admit I’ve been preoccupied by this:

Photo Credit: Mark C. Davis Jr

and things like this:

yeah...picture Eli...so cute

And then…there was a glitch with Eden’s visa and so we have to wait a bit longer. And of course, Thanksgiving came around and I got to be with my love and I got pictures of us together so that rather than thinking about him every nanosecond, I can just look at the pictures every time my computer is open (oh wait…he still is constantly on my mind).

Look at this handsome face. How could you not fall in love with him??

And this one is my favorite:

Oh and one more…because I just can’t resist:

So…there you have it. I’m occupied and/or preoccupied.

Mandie Joy will soon be posting about Ali Rose’s homecoming, so stay tuned.  When Eden is finally home, I’ll update you on her life and the last couple of months. PLEASE be praying for those officials in charge of her case, that they would work quickly (despite the holiday) and grant her family favor.  And be praying for her mom, who had to leave her with a friend of ours in Uganda.

And, if you’re bored, check out the twins!

E & E Running from Mandie Joy on Vimeo.

And, if you still want more, read this Thanksgiving blog post by Christina and watch her video.

And when I get over having writer’s block, I’ll share with you the wonders of the Lord and how He has changed my life over the last year and a half.

2 responses to “occupied or preoccupied??

  1. I’ve been wondering :-)…
    I’m pleased by “preoccupation”. I love the pictures
    Mandy and your kids continue in our prayers!
    Lots of love, Barb

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