During Grandma’s era of magic cereal, strawberry jello, chalk pictures sprayed with hairspray, and typing on her old typewriter, Grandma gave each of the grandkids a set of notepads with something catchy at the top like “Ripples from Rachel” and “Rhythms from Robert.” I appreciated the notepads and used them all the time, but always thought I’d rather have rhythms rather than ripples. Now, I like the idea of “ripples from rachel.” I’m not so good at rhythms and I would like my life and my actions to be a set of ripples that keep going, long after I’ve moved on or forgotten my actions. I want the Lord to work in my life in such a way that He is glorified in everything I do and that the people I meet and get to know see Him…..I want my life to be ripples for eternity.

I didn’t appreciate the notepads when I had them…now I hoard the set that came later with “Notes from Rachel Marie” written at the top. If you ever get a note from me on one of those sheets of paper…count yourself blessed, I didn’t part with it easily.

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