I kinda feel like I’m leaving home to go home. A year ago, I never would have called this home.  It’s amazing though, what the creation of family will do to make a place feel like home. And so this is home.

But home is changing. EH and AR’s moms are here for another week and we’re hoping they’ll get to go home soon! Pray that their cases will be given a chance to be heard.

And I leave tonight. It’s uncomfortable to leave something without finishing it… but it’s time.

Mandie will stay here until they go home.

It’s bittersweet. I don’t want to leave, but I want to be home with my family for a few months before marriage and Italy.

I anticipate lots of tears today. and tomorrow. and over the next few weeks.

3 responses to “home

  1. Rachel,
    You have helped us understand your feelings by the wonderful way you express yourself … your feelings. Thank you for sharing this part of your journey with me … we … and yes, I so look forward to your return here for ‘a while’ and the excitement of family and wedding planning. Much love, prayers for health and safe travel and a wonderful reunion ahead.
    Aunt Gail

  2. Praying for safe uneventful travels for you sweet Rachel. Can’t wait to get you home for a while. Remember you are on His journey for your life and He continues to direct your path and He understands and knows what you are feeling.

  3. Praying for you as you leave a piece of yourself in Africa, but rmember from that many things will grow! Tears are good when they are shed for the love of others. I have learned they can be very cleansing and a gift the Lord gives as a reminder of the sacrifices he made. You are a courageous champion, and your life has just begun! HUGS!!! hope to see you when you are Home here in your birth place!

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