a wedding

Some girls plan their wedding day as a child. That wasn’t me. I spent more time playing house and acting out what it was to be a wife and a mom, than I did pretending to be a bride.

What does that mean? It meant for those helping me coordinate and carry out my biggest dreams, I was a frustrating bride. All I knew was that I wanted it to be beautifully rustic, a smashing together of burlap and lace. And it was. Thanks to Keely and her mom, and Gwen, and my mom and about twenty friends who were willing to help, it was completely perfect. (not to mention Pinterest and its wealth of ideas).

December 30th, 2011 on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, in front of a barn, J2 and I finally stood before my pastor, Shawn, from Charleston.  He wore his uniform and I wore the perfect ivory dress. Shawn spoke of the seriousness of the marriage covenant. We said our vows and took communion together, surrounded by so many friends just as excited about celebrating our marriage as we were. It was a uniting of families and friends who came from as far as China and Italy.

I joined this incredible family.

Eli and Ellie made it down the aisle as sign bearer and flower girl and Ali Rose and her family came and Eden’s family came.  Not only was it a wedding, but a celebration of Mandie’s and my and the babies’ year in Uganda. After so many people have prayed for us and loved these babies, they got to see them, in the flesh. And of course, Mandie and another friend, Courtney captured the day with their cameras.

I missed Eden Hannah all day, but she was there in spirit.

It was a special day, with special memories. And finally, I became Mrs. J2S, wife to the most excellent man I know.

More to come on honeymoon and life as an Army wife.

5 responses to “a wedding

  1. Oh jeez. I was THERE and this post still made me cry…probably because I miss you. It was a perfect wedding, you were gorgeous, Justin adores you, and the littles did such a great job not freaking out with all that attention. Perfect perfect perfect. What a sweet theme to start the rest of your marriage. Love you! mj

  2. You were always a “little mom” from as young as I can remember. The Lord had always groomed you for this time in your life. It was an exceptional wedding and I am still crying as I look at the pictures of the babies whose lives you and Mandi changed forever.

  3. You and Justin, your family, Justin’s family, an amazing church family, your friends, … from EVERYWHERE … the babes … all blessed me and my family for two wonderful days together in ‘wedding land.’ Love arrows and prayers over the Atlantic to you both.
    Aunt Gail

  4. One of my most favorite weddings ever, and I’ve been enjoying the memories ever since!
    Blessings to you and Justin in these first sweet days together.

  5. Beautiful. Beautiful wedding. Happy happy marriage to you both! God bless you both!

    Cannot wait to meet you, Mrs. Shafer!

    (I’m in Italy and go to the same Sunday School class as Justin.)

    God bless.

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