Eden Hannah is FINALLY coming home

Oh. My. Goodness.

The day that we’ve been waiting for, for SO long is finally almost here.

Tomorrow night, Eden Hannah Doyle will land on US soil! I will sigh the biggest sigh of relief when I watch her mom carry her off that plane and know that she is finally where she belongs.

Yes, I did say watch. My love has so many air miles from all of his time in Italy that we were able to get a flight to Nashville tonight, so that tomorrow, I can be there, in person, to welcome her home.

I’ve done a lot of pondering on these last two years. A lot. Every day, in fact, I ponder the last two years.  And every time I do, I’m forced to marvel and wonder at the Lord’s works.

People, you’ve walked this journey with me. Can you believe how much He has done on the behalf of five children and two women?  These five adoptions have nothing to do with anything we did. Jesus paved the way for these kids to join their families.

I’m in awe.

I’m in awe of what He’s done in my own heart, as I’ve watched Him fight on behalf of these children.

Oh dearest Jesus, let me never forget what you have done. Let me never distrust your ability or willingness to work miracles and open doors again.

You are the Lord MOST HIGH. I will praise you, O Lord, with all of my heart. I will tell of your wonders. I will boast in Christ, and Christ alone.

5 responses to “Eden Hannah is FINALLY coming home

  1. Just a few minutes, probably only an hour ago I read from Psalm 9: “…The needy will not be ignored forever; the hopes of the poor will not always be crushed…. The helpless put their trust in You. You defend the orphans.” Praise God for ALL that He has done and how faithful He again has proven Himself to be! Blessings to you as you continue to faithfully serve Him, too.

  2. God’s timing is one of his greatest gifts! Think of all of the precious time he had with you and you and he talked about this day that is tomorrow. And you are in the US and able to be there to see. “Since before time began no one has ever imagined, No ear heard, no eye seen, a God like you who works for those who wait for him. You meet those who happily do what is right, who keep a good memory of the way you work.” Isaiah 64 The Message Bible Be filled with the joy of the Lord! God bless. 🙂 Amen.

    • Truly, timing is God’s gift. If she had come home any sooner, I probably wouldn’t have made it to her homecoming! And what a special homecoming it was!

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