she’s home!!

Eden Hannah made it home last night.  Her mom and dad carried her from the gate to the terminal amidst a crowd of probably sixty people who cheered and screamed and carried signs and balloons.  Her two brothers and two sisters finally met the sister they’d been waiting for, for almost a year.

Eden Hannah’s mom heard about her at an annual piano recital. That annual piano recital is this Saturday. What an anniversary.  Eden Hannah will get to go to that piano recital this year. What amazing grace. God gives us such tangible reminders of all He has done on her behalf.

Anyway, back to her homecoming.  It was truly a celebration.  Eli, Ellie and Ali Rose were all there to welcome home their foster sister. Lily and her family celebrated from afar, wishing they could be there!

Eden did great! She was unwilling to be passed around, but she just stared and stared at all the people and allowed herself to be kissed and petted by her sisters.  When the cameras came out for a family picture, she even smiled.  The girl is a ham and knows what to do for the camera.

She wouldn’t let me hold her, but she grabbed my hand and gave me a look that told me she knew who I was.  She did the same thing for Mandie Joy and she and Ali Rose had a moment together as they stared at each other from the safety of their mothers’ arms.

And finally, when the crowds were gone, Eden got down and practiced her walking, all while tightly gripping Lindsey’s hand.

What a sigh of relief and joy. After so long, I finally feel finished with our time and our responsibilities in Uganda.



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