a girl named Hope and a $50,000 grant

I have a couple favorite kids that are still in Uganda.  And anytime someone I know goes over there, I request an update.  Even more so, I hope that these girls, with no living father or mother, will find a family and be adopted, whether to a Ugandan family or to an American family. But…they’re at the age where they aren’t sought by most families.  Most families are looking for a baby or toddler.  And these girls are entering high school.  Still, someone must advocate for them.

Mandie Joy wrote down the story of one of those precious girls.  Please read about Hope here.

Why am I telling you this? For two reasons…maybe you know God is calling you to adopt an older child, but you just haven’t met her yet.  And maybe this is the girl.

But, I’m also telling you this so that you can go vote for Project Hopeful.  Project Hopeful advocates for orphans like Hope, girls and boys with special needs or HIV, or who are older than most children adopted.  They are in the running for a $50,000 grant.  This will help them bring more kids home!  They need your help.  The voting ends on Saturday and right now they’re in first place.  You can imagine that all the other organizations in the running are desperately trying to catch up, so please go vote.  It only takes a minute and all you need is a Facebook account.  Vote here: http://www.cultivatewines.com/cause/28670.

Give girls like Hope a chance of life.

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