Eden: 1 year ago

Dearest Eden Hannah,

One year ago you arrived into our crazy household. It’s a good thing Mandie Joy is as compassionate as she is and completely unable to turn anyone away.  She said yes to you before she told me about you. It’s a good thing.

I think my response was something like, “yes, we should take her, but only until we can find a better situation for her.”

But then something happened, you grabbed my heart and I didn’t want another situation for you. I wanted to keep you.

You were in pain those first few days. The only way you would sleep is if you were swaddled tightly, put on your stomach with something on top of you.  It’s like you needed the feeling of being encased.  So, most of the time, you slept on a couch cushion with a small bag of beans on top of you. Is that what the womb felt like?

So much has changed since those first few days, when you were learning what life was like, and I was learning how to mother you. People stop on the street to stare at your beauty.  You bring joy to all those around you.  Your smile and your giggle light up the room.

Oh baby girl, your life is a miracle; one that commands daily wonder and praise at how the Lord has worked in your life, and mine, because of you.

We thought you’d be home by now, but you aren’t. I’m sure it’s because the Lord is not finished amazing us with His works.  *** (update a few hours later: EH has a visa) And once again he’s amazed us, by granting you a visa on the one year anniversary of your arrival. Sweet Lord, thank you for loving us so abundantly.

Every morning I put on a necklace with an Eden charm. I have charms for all of our other children, but until you come home, I’ll wear just yours.  And every time I put it on, it’s a reminder to pray for you to come home soon, and it’s a reminder to thank the Lord for all He has done on your behalf.

Eden Hannah, I love you dearly. I’m so thankful for the season He gave me with you.

I never knew I could love so deeply until you and Lily and Ali Rose and Eli and Ellie came into my life. Thank you for the privilege of being your mom for a time.

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