>Life in the Mundane Details: Showering

>Showering here is like taking a bird bath.  I have a shower, with a head, but no mounting, so I have to hold it.  Even if it were mounted, it wouldn’t matter.  The hot water heater is gravity based, so in order to get enough water pressure to rinse the shampoo out of my hair, I have to kneel on the floor of the shower and turn my head upside down.  It is a blessing to have a hot water heater and not have to take cold showers.  The good thing about no water pressure is that the water heater is big enough for Mandie and I to both have hot water.

The other thing about taking a shower here is that it only rinses off the top layer of dirt.  “Scrub harder,” you say? While, the water here is so dirty (literally, it comes out brown) that as you scrub off the dirt you accumulated throughout the day, you put on a layer of dirt.

So, this weekend in Kampala, I enjoyed the shower…still no water pressure, but the water wasn’t brown. 🙂

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