If you subscribed to my blog way back when, you probably received three or four old blog posts yesterday.

I apologize! I accidentally published them again!

We will now carry on with our regularly scheduled programming, also known as, silence.

Someday, I hope to write again, but this is not the season for it.

But, since I teased you, here’s a current tidbit of life:

4 kids: B2758CF9-2CCC-4B1B-B353-EB43C567A7B7

3 new grey hairs: did I say 3? I meant 30.

2 homeschooling: L is in 1st and E is K. M thinks she’s in school too. R is just very very busy.

1 new location: life took us from MD to NY a year ago. We now live in West Point, NY, home to the United States Military Academy. It’s incredibly beautiful here and the pace of life has been good for us.

If you’ve stuck with me this long, bless you. Life is a little different from life in Uganda, but the Lord is ever faithful and His mercy and grace and provision are ever abundant.

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