a baby shower of sorts

If you’ve read my blog for longer than a week, you’ve heard me mention Mandie Joy, my co-foster mom in Uganda.  If you don’t read her blog, then you might not have heard the news!

She’s ADOPTING! She’s working to bring home two little girls from Uganda… in fact, she leaves in just a few days!

I can’t give her a baby shower…I wish I could…

So instead, will you be a part of blessing her in one of three ways?

Pretend you’re going to a shower with a money tree….and visit her blog here: www.seeingjoy.com.  On the right sidebar there is an icon where you can donate….and donate to her adoption.

Or….in the next 24 hours only, if you’re on instagram, follow @bringingehome, and bid on one of her twenty necklaces, donated by @theAdoptShoppe.  Bidding ends on September 22, at 10pm EST. Out of twenty of those necklaces, I would like probably half of them.  🙂

Or…buy a t-shirt…half of the proceeds go towards her adoption.

Mandie is one of my dearest friends and after all the babies and children she’s loved in foster care, she’s now waiting to bring home her own children.  Be a part of her journey!

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