Introducing L. the Brave

L. the Brave, aka Crumb, made his appearance at 8:27pm on December 29, 2012, at exactly 41 weeks.  I’m pretty sure he would have been content to stay in there longer.  His mother, on the other hand, was pretty desperate to deliver him, before his father went back to Afghanistan.  So he gave in and was born: 8 lbs 1 oz, 20.5 inches of perfection.

Mandie Joy, good friend and future mother-in-law, came down to take the most beautiful newborn and family photos ever taken. Seriously.  I fall in love with my family a little more every time I look at the pictures. And I look at them several times a day.  Here are just a few…


I’m completely in love, with a big man and his mini-me.

Our days now are spent eating and sleeping and learning to smile and waiting around for a certain husband and daddy to get on Skype:

PS. If you like Mandie Joy’s pictures as much as I do….then go check out her work….and book a session with her, or visit her Etsy shop and buy a printable.  It will help her start fostering here in South Carolina!  And you can check out what the Lord is teaching her…or read her “Not Alone” series…and meet what the Lord is teaching her friends.  Who knows…you might see me there someday.




2 responses to “Introducing L. the Brave

  1. Oh, he was born on my birthday!!! WOW! Such a sweet family! Love the photos! HUGS all around.

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