Crumb is a…

stud muffin

as in… he will probably own a onesie that looks something like this:

Etsy store: theLimeZebra


We had the ultrasound bright and early this morning. J couldn’t stop smiling as we waited. Of course, I didn’t get a picture, but he snapped this one while we waited.


Crumb was snoozing quietly when the ultrasound tech first started working.  He had his head all tucked down and was rolled into a ball, making it hard to see anything.  J started making conversation with my abdomen and that woke him up! He already loves his daddy’s voice!

Here are just a couple of the pictures she gave us:

look at those leg bones!

In case you are wondering, I’m not posting any proof of his gender, but she captured so many views, she said “no one can argue with you about the gender of this baby.  It’s definitely a boy!!”

J is happy he’s getting his little man…he may or may not have teared up, and he hasn’t stopped smiling since.

And everything else looks good!  We are so thankful!

One response to “Crumb is a…

  1. congrats!!! I called it!! course it’s a 50 50 chance but I just had a hunch. We are excited about the stud muffin and continue to pray for healthy mama, baby and daddy!!! love, peg and john

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