i’ll fly away.

J and I have this habit of getting one song stuck in our heads and we sing it, ad nauseam for months. And by sing it, I mean that one or both of us break into song at any point during the day and if we’re both home, we both sing it.  Usually it’s one or two lines that are stuck on repeat.

In Italy, it was “That’s Amore.”  You know… “when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore…”  Thankfully we’ve moved on from there.

For the last couple of weeks, and who knows how we started singing it, since neither of us can recall hearing it, it’s been the old hymn, “I’ll Fly Away.” I wake up singing it and I sing it all day long until I go to bed, and just when I think I’ve found a new song to sing instead, J starts singing it, and then we’re both back to square 1.  I mean, we sing it so often that J made the comment a couple of nights ago, “has OUR song changed?” (as in…the ‘our song’ that played when we got engaged and the song that played during our first dance.)

Thankfully, the words to “I’ll Fly Away” are a little deeper than the lyrics in “That’s Amore,” so actually, I still enjoy singing it.  And the past couple of mornings I’ve been reflecting on the words.  The YouTube video is below, in case you’d like to reflect on this song (and also get it stuck in your head).

So in reflecting on this song, I’ve been confronted with the realization that I rarely look forward to heaven.  If I’m really honest with myself, I freak out about it.

I watched this awful 80s Christian movie when I was six or seven, called “Thief in the Night,” about the rapture. It was all about people being left behind and if that wasn’t terrifying enough, they had two more sequels about the Tribulation and the Mark of the Beast.  So at that age I knew I was going to heaven, but I had nightmares for years about family members and friends who didn’t know Jesus being left behind.  And although I don’t have those nightmares anymore, I still have remnants of that fear.

I think most of my prayers concerning death and heaven and the end of the world go something like this: “Please don’t come back yet Lord. I know too many people that don’t know you.”

If I continue to be honest, I have to admit, I haven’t done much lately to share Jesus and his love for us and the sacrifice of his life so that we might be adopted into God’s family.

And then, if I get past my issues over death and the world ending, I also realize that I don’t grasp the magnificence of heaven.  Seriously, just look at the lyrics of this song: “just a few more weary days and then, I’ll fly away; to a land where joys shall never end.” How can I not get up every day and look forward to the day when there is no more sorrow or pain or injustice or trafficking or bloody massacres and where there is only JOY?  How can I not tell people about what awaits for those who have trusted in Christ?

So all this to say, I have a responsibility, to share the good news that Jesus Christ came to save us from depravity, but also to look forward to eternity with the God of the Universe in a perfect world.

Apparently I have this song stuck in my head for a reason.


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