all for love

So there’s a little girl, sitting in an orphanage in Uganda.  I met her once and my heart broke for her as she lay in her crib, with little stimulation.  She’s been there a long time.  Watching other kids come and go as their families come to get them.  She has severe special needs and up until now has been non-verbal.  Meet Esther.

But, God has introduced her to her family. They love children with special needs.  And they love her.  They have adopted before, and they’ve seen God do miracles on behalf of their kids.  And since Esther’s adoptive mom has been there in Uganda with her, this non-verbal girl has said “Mama.”  Meet Esther’s Mama.

Esther and her family only have a couple of weeks till they go to court.  And in the meantime, they have to raise thousands of dollars to cover her adoption fees, and get their house ready for her special needs.  My friend Love has been advocating for Esther for a long time, and once again, she’s going  above and beyond to help get Esther home, with an incredible giveaway on her blog.  Would you visit this blog post and share what she’s doing and donate to Esther’s fund?  For each way you share her blog post (Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, blog, etc) you’ll be entered in her awesome drawing, and for every $20 you donate, you’ll get FIVE entries!

Every donation you make goes to Esther’s account with Project Hopeful, a non-profit organization that advocates for harder-to-adopt children.  And every dollar is tax deductible.

Help bring this sweet girl home:

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