to mothers

To the women who have bravely carried their babies, despite encouragement to abort, and given them up to adoption, and to a better life than they can give.

To the women with mother’s hearts, who have miscarried, or have been unable to bear children of their own.

And those dearest to my heart: to the mothers who have loved another’s children recklessly, being reminded daily of the risk of loss, and pursuing courageously ahead, until those children are no longer their responsibility, and then loving on, even though your arms are empty.

I honor you. You are a mother, whether the world identifies you as such, or not. I have watched you love. I have watched you pour out yourself, but even more importantly, Jesus knows your heart.  He sees you as you are. May He remind you this year of just how special you are to Him.  May He shelter you with His wings and comfort you with His love.

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