Pimpology. the manual.

I was going to take a break from sex trafficking for a few days…and write about happier stuff… Ie. my little African pearls…

But then I stumbled across this blog, through a comment left on my last post.  This woman is a trafficking survivor.  She’s American, middle-class, etc. Her parents sold her for sex for 11 years. You should go read it. Hard to believe that my next door neighbors could be selling their daughter, but it happened to her.

And while I was going through the archives of her blog, I found a post about this book:

Pimpology: The 48 Laws of the Game

Yes…Pimpology…a manual on how to pimp a woman, or child.  Here’s an excerpt that I found:

You’ll start to dress her, think for her, own her. If you and your victim are sexually active, slow it down. After sex, take her shopping for one item. Hair and/or nails is fine. She’ll develop a feeling of accomplishment. The shopping after a month will be replaced with cash. The love making turns into raw sex. She’ll start to crave the intimacy and be willing to get back into your good graces. After you have broken her spirit, she has no sense of self value. Now pimp, put a price tag on the item you have manufactured.

I didn’t believe it was true… so I googled it, and discovered that you can buy it at Barnes and Noble, Target, and Amazon.

I’m sorry… but people, it’s 2012. We get all excited in American History because we abolished slavery in 1865 and yet “Pimpin’ Ken” and Karen Hunter publish this book and no one bats an eye.

Y’all, slavery is not dead…in fact, quite the opposite. It’s thriving.

4 responses to “Pimpology. the manual.

  1. girl you know im passionate about “injustice” (sorry for the catch phrase) and i knew it was all around me… little did i know that my kids would be playing with a “pimp’s” daughter. seriously i thought my neighbor was joking- but her story was serious and her getting it off her chest was almost as if a relief. the neighbor (who moved shortly after telling me this story) watched a little 4 year old girl who was the daughter of an 18 year old girl. i met the mom, who cared less for the child, probably due to the fact that she is the result of horribleness that has happened to her. not to mention that i met the pimp, met the pimp’s girl who mind you had just had a baby 4 days prior to me meeting her and she was going out “dancing” that night. i overheard an argument between the girls, cause the 18 year old was ticked that she had to give all her money to the pimp who then spent it on his girl. i watched as the little 4 year old who played with my boys like she had never played with any little kids ever before. i heard from the babysitter/my neighbor how the little girl never ate “real” food. knew way way way too much of the “adult life” that swarmed all around her. oh my how my heart broke. sadly what do i do… i feel like i failed by not doing something at that very minute. but its me against them. its me white girl against big in both stature and position black man. oh how i wished dss would get involved at that very minute and sweep the little girl away, get the 18 year old on her feet, put the pimp in jail, and get counseling for all involved. but they wouldnt. so i stood there dumbfounded. not to mention that just as soon as i did talk to these neighbors and meet these people who all seemed so skeptical of me, i had strangers knocking on my door in the middle of the night. i thought maybe i could build a relationship with the babysitter and the little 4 year old… but just as fast as i learned about their story one late november afternoon, they were gone as soon as school let out for the holiday. i never saw the little girl again, but goodness it sure does make me even more aware of my surroundings!

  2. Wow Rachel, thanks SO much for sharing my blog and posts… I love your insight here! Can’t wait to read the rest of your posts! -9to20

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