>Alex and Nancy

>A while back Mandie posted about two kids, Nancy and Alex.  I went to see them today and take them some plumpy nut and fortified milk.  Nancy is definitely doing so much better than she was when we first saw her.  She’s still severely malnourished, but she isn’t sick anymore and her grandmother reports that she can even walk across the yard.  She’s got more range of motion and overall looks happier.  Her grandmother is amazed by her improvement and is thankful for the milk we are bringing her.  She asked for the recipe so she could make it herself (when she can afford the ingredients).  Thank you for praying for this little girl. Obviously, she still has a long way to go, but she’s no longer on death’s door!

Nancy: October 22

Nancy: November 27

Alex is also doing well! Unfortunately, his mother had gone to a funeral today and left him with a cousin about his age.  I gave his cousin the plumpy nut, and my driver/translator warned the child that it was only for Alex…if anyone that wasn’t sick ate it they would get a stomach ache.  Making sure medicines and food goes to the right person is a major problem here.  No one here has enough so they spread it around.  He looks good and though he hasn’t gained weight since the last time I was there, he hasn’t lost weight either!

Alex: Million Dollar Smile

Thank you for your prayers and concern for these two children!  I gave them both instructions for going to the PMI clinic in December and promised to return in January when I am back in Uganda.  Keep them in your prayers!

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