It’s a Boy! And a Girl!

-or- Went with Clothes, Came Home with Twins

Mandie and I went to the local orphanage today to drop off some clothes that were left by the dental team and check on some twins that the pediatric residents had seen while they were here.  Turns out they both had fevers and coughs….so we brought them home for the week.  They’ve had baths and we’re now enjoying their sweet spirits.  I don’t think they’re too sick. I think they need lots of TLC that they don’t get at the orphanage.  We love the people that run the orphanage, but with 100 plus kids and an infant of their own, they can’t hold these two precious ones 24/7….so that’s where we come in.

Isingoma is the older twin and he’s falling asleep on my lap as I write this.  We told them we’d bring them back next Thursday if they were better….it won’t be easy as we are already falling in love!  He is tongue-tied and malnourished, but has done better since someone in the medical team left money for formula.  Nakato is the younger twin and is adorable.  She has musculoskeletal issues and doesn’t have arm or leg strength so we’re working with her to use her arms and legs.  She’s gained weight from the formula and is getting chunky!

Basically, we’re showing them love and attention and working to get them well for the next week!  It’s as therapeutic for us as it is for them!

12 responses to “It’s a Boy! And a Girl!

  1. >Wow, Rachel! You are increasing your nursing skills and mothering skills, too! They are so beautiful and feel so loved I am sure! Do you have a cd player or ipod or something? I have something to send your way. Rach

  2. >They just the most precious babies! Such beautiful big eyes! It is so easy to fall in love with little ones! Sophie and Ellie were both Tongue-tied, thankfully we had the option to have it surgical fixed right away. Enjoy them, and remeber you can never spoil a baby!

  3. >"Your care for others is the measure of your greatness" Lk 9:48 You are God's love personified. Bless you for following his lead moment by moment. The twins are blessed to have you to touch them with God's love – even a moment can change a life forever.

  4. >What a blessing you are! We have a 3 month old son and know how hard it is to take care of a baby let alone 2. My hat's off to you. Thanks for keeping us in the loop as we continue to follow you on your journey!

  5. >Wow, that is a big responsibility. I had friends out here who took a sick baby home from an orphanage to give him a few weeks of care, and the did get totally attached. 10 years later he is still part of their family. I will be asking father to guard your hearts, so you can show them all the love the deserve, but be able to give them back. But have fun in the mean time, they really are very cute.

  6. >Rachel,How wonderful! What are their chances for adoption? Keep loving them in the Lord's Name!! give them kisses and hugs from me! I wish I were with you! Love you, Kelsie

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