>7 days, 2 hours, 58 minutes and counting

>I have one week left at home. It’s a busy week that includes spending time with people, shopping, sewing, and tying up any loose ends. I’m way behind on my emails and if I said I’d do something for you and haven’t done it…you should probably remind me.

 I was using the foyer downstairs as my packing location, but then Robbie moved his apartment home while he looks for a job and now the foyer is his storage closet. So, I’ve moved my stuff into my room:

 So as time winds down this is my laundry list of things to do:

  • Purchase seeds for an herb garden
  • Buy Walmart out of toiletries
  • Find a black pair of scrub pants
  • Sew a lining into four or five beach cover-ups skirts so that I don’t flash the world.
  • Find a skirt/dress or two that I actually like.
  • Finish packing and meet Mandie with my trunks on Thursday
  • Write thank-you notes
  • Sign power of attorney forms for my parents
  • Register for Moody classes
  • Find my brain (lofty goal…I realize)
  • Enjoy the week

For all you Jane Austen haters lovers, these are high on my packing list.

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