>13 days!

>I leave in 13 days and have been overwhelmingly blessed with love and support. I cannot even begin to describe how thankful I am for those of you who have joined my support team, emailed me and called me to tell me that you’re praying for me and love me.

Not only have I reached my support goals, but you have also given me nutritional supplements, shampoo and conditioner, medical textbooks for the clinic, and money for last minute purchases. The days are passing quickly, but in the last two weeks I’ve been able to see friends in Charleston, Hilton Head, and North Carolina and will be in Asheville this weekend for a cousin’s wedding/Fuller family reunion. What a way to spend my last few days in America!

Seriously…I have to be the best-cared-for person leaving to go overseas ever!

Some of you have asked what I still need. So…if you’re going through your closets, I need to expand my collection of long-ish skirts, short sleeve shirts that can be worn with said long-ish skirts, and scrubs.

And if anyone had a pediatric stethoscope and/or a good quality adult stethoscope not in use that you were willing to donate, that would be amazing! Both Mandie and I have stethoscopes, but they’re only slightly better than isolation stethoscopes. These aren’t needs…just “it would be nice ifs…”

Y’all are wonderful! I thank my God everyday for you….

Love, rachel

One response to “>13 days!

  1. >Hey Girl,Wow, Uganda huh? that is really cool! I always thought I would end up in Africa somewhere… but as you know here I am in Asia. I am excited for you, but also sad you wont be coming out our way. We had some fun retreats in Thailand. I will be watching your blog and thinking of you as you settle into this new situation.

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