>Africa Here I Come!


It’s official: I bought my plane ticket!!! I leave August 9th for Masindi, Uganda! Yikes!

Last week PIONEERS Africa gave me permission to go! We worked up a contract between PI and Palmetto Medical Initiative outlining the relationship and so I’m moving forward!

My support raising adventure has been exciting! As of today, I’m at 90% for my monthly support needs and 100% for departure. I still need $150/month which means finding 10 people who will support me at $25/month!

Please let me know if you are willing to join my team, either in prayer or financial support! If you would like to financially partner with me, please visit pioneers.org/give. They have an option for monthly automated giving. My account number is 110942.

Please contact me: countingitjoy@gmail.com or visit my blog: http://smallripples.blogspot.com
* I’ll be living in Masindi, just to the right of Lake Albert

Prayer Request
Please be praying for my arrival there and the staff I will be responsible for training. My inadequacy is a great opportunity for the Lord to show His glory. The vision of PMI is to create a hospital that provides excellent healthcare that is also eventually self-sustaining. When I started this adventure, I thought about the patients for whom I would care, but more recently, the Lord has given me a vision to see the staff of the hospital become passionate for the Lord and for His message. That may seem obvious, but Uganda is not among the unreached nations and some say the percentage of Christians is as high as 90%. I pray that the Lord will set apart the staff; that they would not just call themselves Christians because of their cultural background, but that they would be authentic followers of Jesus. Please pray for the first couple months as I assess their skills as nurses, as well as their spiritual condition.

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