>Rachel’s update

> Mandie was kind enough to let me use her collage of pictures and layout for my newsletter so I won’t post it here since it was similar.  If you’d like a copy and didn’t get one, email me and I’ll send it to you!

Support raising is always a challenge.  No matter how many times I’ve done it, it never gets any easier.  Thankfully, the more I do it, the more instances I have to remind myself of how faithfully the Lord has provided everything I need!

This time, my support raising adventure began with an extravagant anonymous gift of $7000!  What an incredible blessing!  It is a daily reminder not to be anxious about whether or not I’ll get everything I need.  I know the Lord will provide.

I’m especially looking for people who will commit to giving monthly.  I realize it’s a huge sacrifice for most people, but please pray about it.  If the Lord doesn’t prompt you, then don’t give.  If you are willing to invest monthly, please let me know and if you’re in the area, I’d love to sit down with you!

You can give online at http://www.pioneers.org/Give/GiveNow.aspx. My PIONEERS acct number is 110942.  They have options for automated giving as well to make things easy for you. 

Another option if you can’t give financially is to give frequent flier miles. Mandie and I are hoping to leave August 5th and if you’ve accumulated air miles that you aren’t using, we’d be happy to use them for you!  We are only limited by whether or not the airline flies to Uganda or has a partner who flies to Uganda!

Thank you for loving me well!

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