>PIONEERS, Brazil, support raising

>Just wanted to update you on the events of the last few weeks since Mandie and I returned from Uganda.  We had a few days off to recover from the Uganda site visit before I started a nannying job in Charleston for three infants (not related to each other) and Mandie went to Orlando to attend the Candidate Orientation Program for PIONEERS International.  After a barrage of psych tests, Bible tests and committee meetings, PI determined that Mandie is not, in fact, insane and has accepted her as an appointee.  She was able to meet with her pre-field coach and the Finance Dept to start working out a plan for raising support and preparing for the field.

Last Monday we met with Matt (PMI executive director) to start coordinating logistics for living there.  He and Michael and Amanda O’Neal are working with the Bishop on a place for us to live. There are a couple of options and it sounds like we will not have to do many renovations before we move in to the house.  We talked about a budget for living there and gave him the budget PI had given Mandie.  He is going to look over it and make adjustments.  We addressed the need for continuity of care between the medical teams that come and the hospital.  I think Mandie and I will go talk to the May team and explain the need for detailed and accurate follow-up reports that are given to the patients. 

We are waiting for final approval from Christine, the PI area leader for Uganda, on our proposal.  From there we can start raising support.  It looks like we’ll need to raise roughly $2200 per month per person and $7000 per person for departure expenses.  Once Matt has looked over the budget we’ll have a more accurate idea of the cost of living.

Mandie is in Brazil this week with her grandparents.  Codependent me is worried she’ll stay in Brazil and speak Portuguese and never come home, although I think the anticipation of sleeping in her own bed is pretty enticing.  She returns the 13th and as of right now, has no international travel plans for the next couple months.  I’ve had a week off from nannying and have been at home with my family.  I go back to Charleston today and will be working up there till the end of May.

We’ll keep you updated as we begin the process of raising prayer and financial support! 🙂

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