>I am overwhelmed by the injustice done to people around the world.  Videos about the thriving international sex trade, genocide by cruel dictators and armies, thousands of homeless in Haiti because of an earthquake, and orphans living naked and sleeping in their own urine all tug at my heartstrings but I shut down those feelings as quickly as possible because they are quickly followed with crushing feelings of helplessness.

I am very easily riled up these days about even the smallest of injustices directed towards someone I love. I pace around the house when my brother doesn’t play a baseball game even when his stats show that he’s one of the better players and an upperclassmen.  I write letters in my head to people when my sister isn’t accepted to be staff for a summer worldview camp. I bristle when a friend isn’t given a chance to show her skills and talents; and I am resentful when someone tells me one thing to my face and then by action shows me that I am not valued.  These are small injustices.  Most of them will not be remembered in the grand scheme of things and the ones that are remembered become lessens in perseverance.  They can’t be compared to the above mentioned injustices, but I am not overpowered by them and can take action.

I went to the Good Friday service at church today.  The pastor spoke about looking at the resurrection through the cross.  Or….not stopping at the cross, but looking past it to the resurrection.  It was good, but I spent most of the time thinking about the number of injustices done to Jesus.  How did Mary and those who loved Him stand there and watch Him be abused and betrayed and condemned? If I get riled up about an unfair baseball coach, how am I not stricken with grief over the number of unfair things Christ endured before He died for me?  How did the Father watch His Son go to the cross and be separated from Him?  The wonder of the cross and what Christ and His Father endured for me has gripped me anew.  The number of terrible injustices done around the world on a moment by moment basis cannot be compared to the injustice that Christ faced in living a sinless life and being torn from His Father’s presence and enduring an incredibly painful death on my behalf.

My response is to respond with adoration and gratitude and to remember Psalm 9:1: “I will praise you O Lord, with all my heart.  I will tell of your wonders.  I will be glad and rejoice in you, O Most High.” That I can do.  I also pray that God will use me to lessen worldwide injustice.

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