>Update:  I did get accepted to the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program.  Now the reality of how much it costs has set in and I’m considering asking if they’ll let me defer enrollment for a year.  Oh dear….I just can’t make up my mind.

I’ve been informed by those of my classmates who are more anxious than I am that I can call MUSC on Monday to find out if I’ve been accepted to the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program.  I’d rather not call.  I’m having flashbacks from the last time I was waiting to hear from them if I had been accepted or not.  In case you weren’t around in the spring of 2008, I wasn’t accepted, I was wait-listed.  The same week I got the wait-list letter I was accepted to the University of Miami and only given a week to decide. 

I remember the misery of trying to figure out what to do and feeling like Miami was the automatic option.  I immediately had a sinking feeling like I was making a huge mistake in going to Miami.  Turns out everyone else felt the same way and I decided to turn down Miami and just wait to hear from MUSC.

The next few months were agonizingly long and I annoyed the CON with my frequent emails questioning them on whether or not they thought they’d have a spot for me.  The last week of May they called me to offer me a spot.  I’m pretty sure the offer was not based so much on my qualifications as it was out of a desire to stop hearing from me.

So, two years and a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing later, I’m waiting to hear from them again.  In the middle of the program, I told myself I wasn’t going to MUSC again and that getting a graduate degree wasn’t worth the heartache or hard work.  Yet, I applied to the PNP program and am hoping to get in and start in August.

If I don’t get in, I’m going to assume the Lord has a reason for it and not go knocking down doors and persuading people to change their minds.

Why do I keep getting myself into these situations?

(I forgot to mention that I wasn’t accepted to the Honors College at College of Charleston and went and persuaded them to change their minds as well….what a crazy foolish thing to do. I regretted that decision halfway through Western Civ….apparently, I’m a slow learner)

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