>my daddy loves me

>My dad is an excellent picture of the way my Heavenly Father cares for me. There are countless verses throughout Scripture that speak to this concept, but Isaiah 25:4 is particularly true in my case: “for You have been a defense for the helpless, A defense for the needy in [her] distress, A refuge from the storm, a shade from the heat….” My dad represents God to me. In my sadness, he has been a refuge, a counsel, and a comforter.

Yesterday he became my defense, my advocate. This seems silly in 2009. I’m 26; old enough to take care of myself by the world’s standards. Furthermore, one might say, I wasn’t even in a dating relationship. It hadn’t progressed to the point where I was being dumped. Thank goodness my daddy doesn’t operate according to the world’s standards. I will always be my father’s daughter and he will always represent God to me. As a believer, he is called to care for his family. As a brother he is called to encourage his brothers, especially those younger than he is. Calls to maturity are few and far between these days, but yet my dad acted out of love both for me and the one by whom I was disappointed and challenged him to grown in maturity.

My sister’s response to the situation was “what a great thing that we have a Dad who is willing to go to bat for us.” I completely agree.

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